Windshield Protection

ClearPlex TM Windscreen Protection Film

Reduce downtime


Reduce maintenance costs


Improve safety conditions


12 month / 30 000km Warranty

Our ClearPlexTM windscreen protection film ensures reduced downtime and maintenance costs and improved safety conditions. It is the first and only optically clear protection film for auto windshields and absorbs the impact of typical road hazards. In addition, we offer a 12-month or 30 000-kilometre warranty on our windshield protection film.

The desire to protect your automotive investment is seen in the increasing popularity of paint protection films. Rock chips on a car’s paint are an annoyance. However, cracks and chips in the windshield can be expensive and hazardous. ClearPlexTM now offers protection for your car’s windshield.

ClearPlexTM is the first and only optically clear protection film for auto windshields. This patented product absorbs the impact of standard road hazards, significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s eyes, leaving the glass in pristine condition.

ClearPlexTM is designed to take what the road dishes out. Like glass, ClearPlexTM is scratch-resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions, such as windshield wipers.

Frequently asked questions:

What is ClearPlexTM invisible windshield protection film?

ClearPlexTM is a patented film applied to the exterior surface of a windshield, preventing damage from highway rock strikes and road debris. In addition, ClearPlexTM is invisible, providing optical clarity and UV protection.

Why should customers install ClearPlexTM?

ClearPlexTM provides three main benefits:

  1.  Impact resistance against typical road hazards.
  2.  UV stabilisers to reduce vehicle heat, prolonging interior life.
  3.  Faster run-off of rain and other elements, providing better visibility.

What is ClearX HD®?

ClearX HD® is an advanced polymer treatment from the ClearPlexTM Corporation that should be an essential part of the maintenance program for ClearPlexTM invisible windshield protection film. ClearX HD® will maintain the scratch resistance and water repellency of ClearPlexTM film on your windshield when used as directed. ClearX HD® also seals your ClearPlexTM film against bird droppings, bugs, oil, tar, grease, dirt, and grime. Apply a small amount of ClearX HD® to your ClearPlexTM film at the time the film is installed on your windshield and every other month during the life of the ClearPlexTM film.

Will ClearPlexTM impair the driver’s vision?

No. ClearPlexTM is optically clear and guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow for the warranted life of the product. When installed properly, ClearPlexTM is truly invisible.

Is ClearPlexTM scratch resistant?

Yes. Our hard-coated film features the same scratch-resistant qualities as glass and will protect against normal abrasion, including windshield wipers.

Will ClearPlexTM remain adhered to the windshield?

The adhesive is strong enough that high-power car wash streams do not cause the film to lift from the windshield.

Is ClearPlexTM permanent?

No. ClearPlexTM is a film that protects the windshield from harsh conditions that often break or chip standard windshields. Being a film, ClearPlexTM should occasionally be removed and replaced to provide the best protection for the windshield. The need and timing to replace the film depend on the miles driven and the conditions in which those kilometres are accumulated.

How is ClearPlexTM removed or replaced?

ClearPlexTM uses a unique adhesive keeping the film adhered tightly to the windshield, but at the same time, the bond is not permanent. If the invisible windshield protection film needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed using a semi-sharp instrument, such as a knife blade, key, etc., to lift one corner of the film. Then, by pulling the film with constant pressure, it will come off the windshield. Any adhesive remaining on the windshield is removed with a basic soap and water washing of the windscreen. New ClearPlexTM can then be installed on the clean windshield.

Does ClearPlexTM offer a warranty?

ClearPlexTM Corporation offers a warranty against manufacturer’s defects of 12 months or 30 000 kilometres. This is a warranty that ClearPlexTM film will not de-laminate, the adhesive will not fail, and the film will not be suddenly obscured or yellowed. All those conditions would indicate a manufacturer’s defect. However, this warranty does not protect the user against the gradual wearing away of the film’s hard coat over a period close to 12 months or 30 000 kilometres. This weathering of the film will result in a gradual yellowing that will indicate to the user that it is time to replace the film.

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