Electronic Installations

Park Distance Control
Benefits of autopark – park distance control:

  • Fits all vehicles.
  • Warns if children or obstacles come within the sensing range.
  • Helps prevent costly vehicle damage and the associated inconvenience.
  • Makes reversing, parking and low speed maneuvering easy and risk free.
  • Eliminates blind spots and provides corner protection.
  • Approved by leading international and local car manufacturers.
  • One of the few systems to pass the stringent ISO test ensuring that even the most difficult to detect objects are detected.

Navigation Systems

OneNav 10.1inch

User-friendly, intuitive interface Multiple device usage with 3 x USB inputs OneConnect displays your phone information and allows you to operate it from the OneNav touch screen Full integration ensures that all your original radio functions will be maintained (Steering Wheel Controls, Parking Sensor Display, Air Con Display, etc.) Advanced Bluetooth allows you to listen to music or make phone calls directly from the radio Offline maps allows you to get where you’re going without the use of your mobile device or internet connection.


Wireless Technology
Whether you are an Android or Apple user, OneConnect keeps you connected to your phone, no strings attached – yes, no need to plug in. Using a wireless connection, the information on your phone will be displayed on your OneNav screen and the sound will come through your car speakers. Listen to your music or Podcast, make, and receive phone calls, read your messages, or navigate using your favourite app, it will all be there.

Stay Connected
Connect your OneNav to the internet by making use of its built in Wi-Fi. Once connected to a hot spot you can update your offline maps, download apps from the Play Store, get live traffic information and even update your OneNav to the latest software. Having a connected vehicle has never been this easy.

Immerse yourself in the music
Play your favourite music, podcast or audio book using OneConnect or Bluetooth streaming. Make use of any of the 3 USB ports to listen to music from a flash drive or MP3player. So many options to enjoy music the way you like it.

Never be late…ever!
OneNav offers several navigation platforms including Waze®, Google Maps®, Apple Maps®, TomTom® and more. Choose your favourite service provider, set your destination, and hit the road with peace of mind. Phone battery dead and you can’t connect? No problem. OneNav has a GPS antenna and comes with high quality offline maps that will get you where you need to go

Smart Bluetooth®
Scroll through your phonebook, make phone calls, and play music from your OneNav screen using the latest BT5.0 Bluetooth technology.

Integration Redefined
OneNav® integrates flawlessly with steering wheel controls, OBD (vehicle dependant), parking sensors and reverse camera ensuring the perfect integration into your ride.

Digital Signal Processing
OneNav’s built in DSP with 15 band equalisers will take your speakers to a whole new level!

  • The Park Distance Control can stay the same.
  • Radio’s and Sound Systems can stay the same.
  • Drop down DVD and Headrest DVD’s can be combined into one frame.
We also offer
Autowatch and Sanji Alarm systems
Central locking systems
Reverse cameras
Intergrated reverse cameras
Cruise Controls
Reverse Buzzers
Drop Down DVD Players
TFT active LCD monitor. Built-in DVD Player. Plays DVD, CD and MP3. Built-in wireless FM transmitter. Game console compatible. Fully remote controlled.

Radio’s and Sound Systems

Secure Fit supplies and fits a wide range of radio’s and speaker systems. Specializing in basic systems from Pioneer and Sony to high end high output fully integrated sound systems.

Headrest DVD Monitors

Plays through existing car sound system. Game console compatible. Amazing picture quality! Dual infrared transmission. Remote control for monitors and DVD player included.