Cargo Arranging Technology (C.A.T. Bags)

Bin Organiser

Aren’t you tired of not being able to utilize the full potential of your bakkie’s bin? Does all your contents get scattered around and strewn all over the bin? Well, please welcome the one-of-a-kind Bin Organizer from C.A.T. (Cargo Arranging Technologies PTY LTD).

The bottom of the organizer has a water-resistant, anti-slip PVC with padded foam making it splash and dust proof. The Bin Organizer is equipped with a Velcro insert which enables the user to compartmentalize or to utilize the full volume of the organizer.

Bin Organizer has 2 access points accompanied by tough and durable YKK zips to ensure your contents are dry, dust-free and secure. The Bin Organizer was specifically designed to load your contents from the front to ensure ease of access if the user has a tonneau-cover or Securi-lid in a closed position.

strain stitching ensures that the side handles allow a maximum carry capacity of 200 kilograms, which means the bag can be used to carry it’s contents to it’s required destination.

As you can see, the Bin Organizer fits perfectly and is fully adjustable to suit any bakkie brand, and can be used for both single and double cabs.

The Bin Organizer can also easily be detached to load bigger items, or, to fold it neatly in a store-away carry bag for customer convenience and satisfaction.

The Bin Organizer is a proudly manufactured product and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Dimensions: 118cm Length X 52cm Width X 50cm Height

Dimensions stored: 60cm Length X 18cm Width X 66cm Height

Key Specifications:

  • Large, adjustable, custom-made Bin Organizer for all bakkie brands
  • Fully-collapsible in a storage bag if not needed
  • Splash and dust proof
  • Includes a divider for optimal utilization
  • Anti-slip PVC
  • Six strain stitching
  • Expertly fitted
  • Proudly South African.
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