Vehicle Re-Conditioning

Vehicle Re-conditioning

Discover Secure Fit’s range of vehicle reconditioning in Gauteng. Our paint protector can be combined with our tyre, trim, upholstery, interior, and carpet protector products.

Paint protector

Armour Glaze is the leading scratch removal and paint sealing system on the market, designed to improve and maintain the strength and gloss of a car’s exterior. The vehicle reconditioning system comprises an exclusive three-step process that protects your vehicle for up to three years.

The first step involves stripping off all oxidisation and contamination. The paint is then treated with colour-enhancing polish, removing slight surface scratches. Finally, a Teflon-like coating is applied to ensure your car stays in showroom condition.

The vehicle reconditioning protects your vehicle’s paintwork against harmful environmental damage such as bird droppings, hard water, salt water, acid rain, and UV rays and will prevent dirt from penetrating the paintwork.

Tyre & Trim Protector

This vehicle reconditioning element restores, enhances, and protects tyres, trim, and other exterior plastics.

Upholstery Protector

To supplement exterior elements, our upholstery protector penetrates the surface area of fabrics and forms a barrier that prevents soiling, repels liquids, and resists staining for three full years.

Interior Protection

Our interior vehicle reconditioning prevents excessive wear and tear.

Neglecting your car’s interior grooming will cause the inner surface of your vehicle to deteriorate quicker than you expect. Dust, dirt, and liquids can wear away the upholstery and other interior surfaces like your dashboard. Interior protection is imperative to keep the inner space of your car in good condition for as long as possible. Secure Fit uses only the best products for vehicle reconditioning of surfaces.

The interior protection treatment is a blend of natural silicone-free conditioners that protects your vehicle’s leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpeting against staining, fading, and going brittle. This product has a water-repellent-like effect of preventing liquids from penetrating and potentially staining the vehicle’s interior in the event of a spill.

Carpet Protection

As part of our vehicle reconditioning, carpet protection prevents staining and allows the fabric to breathe and retain a soft, supple feel and new-smelling aroma.