Company Background

Secure Fit Holdings has its roots through its association with the Glasfit group. The company was first formed in 2004 then called Glasfit Secure Tint a joint venture with the Glasfit group of companies. From 2006 the company started supplying Safety film and related fitment services into the dealership network. National deals were signed with major companies like Bidvest, Supergroup, and CFAO to name a few. Today the group is the largest individually owned supplier of products and fitments into the South African dealer network.
Secure Fit Holdings consists of three different companies

Secure Fit Accessories


Cutting Edge Distribution


Super Accessory Solutions

Since inception more then a 120 000 cars have been fitted with our safety films and automotive accessories. The best Safety films and products are specially made and packaged for our SA markets by our partners in the USA, Europe and Taiwan.

We offer a ten year warrantee against bubbling, peeling, de-colouring and de-lamination and the customer can take their vehicle to selected Secure Fit and Glasfit dealerships around the country where any of the above mentioned defects will be repaired under our warrantee.