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Secure Fit opened its door in May 2004. From the start the company strived to supply only the best products and services at the best possible prices. Over the years the continuous supply of quality products and services lead to the industry leaders approving Secure Fit as a preferred supplier.

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Smash and Grab Film
Windshield Protection
Building / Architectural Film

Secure Fit opened its door in May 2004. We strove to supply only the best products and services at the best possible prices. Over the years, the continuous supply of quality products and services led to Secure Fit becoming an industry leader and preferred supplier of automotive accessories in Gauteng.

Secure Fit Holdings has its roots in its association with the Glasfit group. However, we’ve grown by signing national deals with major companies like Bidvest, Supergroup, CFAO, etc. As a result, we are the largest individually owned supplier of products and fitments in the South African dealer network.

Secure Fit Holdings consists of three different companies:

  • Secure Fit Accessories 
  • Cutting Edge Distribution
  • Super Accessory Solutions

Since our inception, more than 120 000 vehicles have been fitted with our safety films and essential vehicle accessories. In addition, we offer a ten-year warranty against bubbling, peeling, decolouring and delamination.

Services Offered

Whether you need one vehicle or your entire fleet protected, we offer the following services and essential vehicle accessories.

Smash and Grab Film

Secure Fit prides itself on working only with the best quality products available. Our smash-and-grab film is available in various shades and thicknesses, providing the right look and amount of protection for your needs.

Windshield Protection

Our ClearPlexTM windscreen protection film ensures reduced downtime, maintenance costs, and improved safety conditions. It is the first and only optically-clear protection film for auto windshields and absorbs the impact of common road hazards.

Building/Architectural Film

Solar windows or glass optimise your building glass’s energy efficiency. In addition to blocking heat and glare, it filters up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays causing fading fabrics, furnishings, and display merchandise. Furthermore, you can choose decorative or security films for home and office windows.

Vehicle Reconditioning

Armour Glaze is the leading scratch removal and paint sealing system on the market, designed to improve and maintain the strength and gloss of a car’s exterior. You can combine this with our tyre, trim, upholstery, interior, and carpet protector products.

Paint Protection Film

Our 200-micron paint protection film is designed to protect automotive paint from damage like UV, scratches, stone chips, etc. In addition, it offers environmental resistance and super gloss retention for superior clarity.

Vehicle Wrapping

A wrapped vehicle is a billboard on wheels and one of the most efficient and effective ways to market your business. Branded vehicles have unlimited potential, and Secure Fit is passionate about wrapping cars, bikes, trucks, and boats.

Electronic Installations

We offer park distance control, navigation systems, wireless technology, Autowatch and Sanji alarm systems, central locking systems, reverse cameras, cruise controls, drop-down DVD players, radios and sound systems, headrest DVD monitors, and more.

Nano Ceramic Paint Protection

Discover how nano ceramic paint protection protects your vehicle’s body from environmental damage. It can be applied to your vehicle’s body, rims, engine plastics, metal components and headlights.


When it comes to essential vehicle accessories, we are a registered distributor of Sycor quality accessories for various vehicle types and brands. These include towbars, nudge and sports bars, tri bumpers, side steps, Securi-Lid, and roll bars. These products are designed and engineered to provide bulletproof security.

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