Paint Protection Film (PPF)

This 200 micron innovative product is designed to protect automotive paint from harmful effects. The Paint Protection Film offers environmental resistance as well as a super gloss retention for superior clarity and is coated with an ultra-clear high performance acrylic adhesive, which has an excellent no-film look once applied on a vehicles paint work. It is precision cut to meet the specification of each vehicle individually has excellent elongation properties for ease of application.

Protect your vehicles paint from harmful UV damage to scratches, stone chips and bug splatter, the environment is not kind to our cars. Paint protection film offers effective and durable resistance to elements that can cause discolouration, rust and paint damage.

If you are concerned about keeping the value retention of your vehicle, this Paint Protection Film it is a good idea. From full vehicle wraps, full front kits, partial front kits, headlight protection and bonnet strips, we have the protection that your vehicles paint work needs. Your vehicle is a rather significant and lasting investment, so keep it looking good.