Secure Fit prides itself in working only with the best quality products available in the market.  The smash and grab tint is available in various shades and thicknesses, providing you with just the right look, and right amount of protection to suit your needs. 

This durable Smash and Grab Film provides the ultimate protection against criminals and theft in a smash and grab attack, it will help protect occupants from flying glass in the event of an accident and  is designed to block out the Ultra Violet rays by 99% thus preventing premature fading of your vehicle’s interior.


The Smash and Grab Tint has a lifetime warrantee against defects such as crazing, cracking, peeling, fading, blistering, bubbling or delaminating from glass.



Our Automotive Safety Film is not impenetrable and not a guarantee against theft from your vehicle, bodily injury, death, loss of property or damage by forced entry and is only a precautionary measure against smash and grab attacks.


Secure Fit uses only the best films available on the market, ranging from normal 100 micron smash & grab film all the way to bullet resistant 375 micron films.

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